Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeling Sick

I woke up on Monday morning feeling not so hot. I usually feel like that in the morning so I just got ready and went to work. When I got to work, it really hit me. I was not feeling good. I had a fever and my throat was sore. So I called up my doc and asked what I should do, she sent me to family care dr because she didn't want me getting all the other pregos at her office sick.... turns out... I have the FLU. LAME!!!! So now I'm stuck at home all day because I can't take anything besides Tylenol. Lotsa fun. Hopefully my system is strong enough to fight it off soon... cuz no work for me means no money to pay the bills. Hope you all got your flu shots!!!!!

Ultra sound photos

Okay, so here are my first photo's of my baby. The last two aren't so great, but the first one actually looks more like a baby. These were done at my first appt on Oct 29th. My next appt is the day before Thanksgiving and ill be 14 weeks. So hopefully the pictures will look more like a baby. :) My Dr. said everything looked good so far, and the baby was moving all around while she was trying to get pics.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm back for more...

I thought of some other things that I forgot to post about yesterday so you guys get 2 IN A ROW!!!! :) Well one thing is Beau decided to change careers. He is working part time at his Uncle's company still and then also he is going to school as well. He decided that he would like to be a fire fighter!!

Well, it wasn't like it was just a whim or anything, he has wanted to pursue this for a long time, but just finally decided to go thru with it. So... when we found out we were prego my eggo we were a little worried. But I think we have things figured out and we are sure its going to work out in the end.

Also we had a different kind of addition to our family recently. Beau's brother Austin and his wife Nicole (and their 2 dogs --yes 4 dogs at my house) were going thru some tough times, and so they are going to be staying with us for a while.

Beau and I are hoping we can rent out our house in Laveen and move back to Mesa soon (cuz i think I might die if I don't have help with a child that cries and I can't figure out why). Its not a finalized thing yet, but IF ANYONE HAS SOME ADVISE ABOUT RENTING OUT HOUSES OR EVEN JUST PAST EXPERIENCES I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD LET ME KNOW!! (i thought if i made it all caps ppl would read it and not just pass over it cuz there are no pics...)

Monday, September 28, 2009

You can breathe... I have and updated post!!!

Okay folks. No need to worry. I AM ALIVE. You might not know that since I haven't updated since... January, Yes you read right... JAN-U-ARY! So as you could guess lots has happened since then. So I will go in order the best I can (and I'm just going to do the big stuff /pictures I have on my camera).

MY MOM and I re did my hideous couch. Now its Beautiful!!

We had an Easter Egg Hunt for Lincoln:

Beau and I had our 2 yr anniversary!!

Tatum and Klete had their Baby. His Name is Wyatt!! Hes freaking cute. I don't have any pictures of Wyatt on my Camera, but I can tell you if you go to Tatum's, Kisha's, or my Mom's blog you can see how cute he is there. He has already grown so much!!

And Finally.... here is some really exciting news... see if you can guess from this clip art...

Yes... I'M PREGNANT!!!! I haven't gone to the doctor yet. I was trying to figure our what doctor to go to and all that kind of stuff. If I calculate correctly I should be about 6 weeks this week (Don't ever count on my calculating). So I'm not very far along or anything. I'm sure the next question for some of you is... "were you guys planning/trying?" the answer to that is "not exactly". We were for a little while but then Beau is changing careers and we were not sure what was going to happen so we stopped trying. And of course... thats when it happened. So we are super excited and happy!!!! I can't wait (i have secretly wanted to start trying for a while). Anyways... thats all I have right now. I'm sure I will be posting more frequetly (thanks to my mother and sister's nagging). Talk to you all soon!! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When we went up to Snowflake for Shawnda & Nate's Open House, we decided to go take a look at the temple.
As we were driving up to the hill with the temple on the top, we saw this house... Okay... this MANSION!!!!!! You can see the temple in the backround, and if you click on the picture, you can see actually how HUGE this house was, in the driveway (the gated part on the right) you can see a big 4door truck, compared to the house... wow.... just wow. So Beau and I decided we want to move to Snowflake and build a huge house like this!!!!!!

Look at the frozen waterfall....

awww.... whatta cute guy!!!

Shawnda's wedding

As you can see... she looked beautiful!! (if you can't pick me out, I'm the midget in the middle...)
Nate and Shaw getting ready to leave for their honeymoon....

Nate and Shaw openeing their gifts in snowflake....

Beau fell alseep, apparently he thinks it boring to watch ppl open presents...
(don't mind the x2 chin on my face. HAH)


We are going to the Caribbean!!!!! Hooray! We are going on a cruise this saturday! I'm so excited. We were supposed to go for our honeymoon (Beau had a 103 temprature, so we didn't go), then we were supposed to go for our 1st anniversary, but that didn't happen.But we are going finally!! YAY!!!!! minus the fact that my skin is so white you can see throught it like scotch tape, its going to be great!!!!