Monday, January 28, 2008

Check out the DO

For those of you that haven't seen me this year... I dyed my hair.
It used to be like super dark, almost black, but it has faded quite a bit over the weeks... And Beau thinks its funny to make silly faces when I tell him to just smile :)
Well... it rained... which is great, I love rain! I came home for lunch today. At that moment I decided, the rain wasn't good.
These cute lil girls....
Plus... this huge puddle

equals this mess ALL OVER MY KITCHEN!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

We also had the Smith Family party. It was a pot luck/white elephant gift exchange too!!! Ok... so I have never played such a intense game before. Beau's family is a little sneeky, in a good way, and they play this game as a team. So basically all you need to know is... Tamea (beau's mom) wanted 4 certain gifts, and it just so happened that one person in her family got each of those items. Needless to say it was a blast!!!!
For the Rogers' (imediate family) Christmas party We all went out to eat at aEl Paso restaraunt. Then we went back to the campbell residence to do a gift movie themed gift exchange. Very Very Fun. Then my mom had a special surpise... we went outside (freezing) and she has a pinata set up. It was full of money and gift cards wrapped in a sock (some with cardboard inside to throw you off)!!!!

**Here are the rules we got**:

*Girls have to hit the pinata.

*Once the pinata has bursted, girls must throw the money filled socks to the boys (who were standing far away). If they didn't catch them, they were put back into the pile and thrown again.

So we all took our socks inside it see what we got.

Losta money, lotsa gift cards, lots and lots of fun!!!
I know, I know... I'm like the biggest slacker ever! Well, we had a wonderful holiday!!! Christmas was a blast! My family had quite a few parties. We had a Rogers' Family party with all the relatives. We ate ar Serano's then went back to g-ma and g-pa's to do our white elephant exchange... it was very fun!!! This is what my grandpa got!!