Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeling Sick

I woke up on Monday morning feeling not so hot. I usually feel like that in the morning so I just got ready and went to work. When I got to work, it really hit me. I was not feeling good. I had a fever and my throat was sore. So I called up my doc and asked what I should do, she sent me to family care dr because she didn't want me getting all the other pregos at her office sick.... turns out... I have the FLU. LAME!!!! So now I'm stuck at home all day because I can't take anything besides Tylenol. Lotsa fun. Hopefully my system is strong enough to fight it off soon... cuz no work for me means no money to pay the bills. Hope you all got your flu shots!!!!!

Ultra sound photos

Okay, so here are my first photo's of my baby. The last two aren't so great, but the first one actually looks more like a baby. These were done at my first appt on Oct 29th. My next appt is the day before Thanksgiving and ill be 14 weeks. So hopefully the pictures will look more like a baby. :) My Dr. said everything looked good so far, and the baby was moving all around while she was trying to get pics.