Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess Who's BAAAaaack...

Seriously Obsessesed.

I'm NOT ashamed.

House, Cuddy, Wilson, Chase, Hadley (13), Foreman, and Taub

They are all my great friends @ 7pm Monday nights.

Did I tell you I am obsessed with House?

If I hadn't, I'm telling you now.

I was having some serious withdrawls (not from vicodin, haha) without my House eposides to watch. After that cliff hanger from last season I was seriously dieing.

In all seriousness, I heart Hugh Laurie.

He rox my sox.

If you haven't watched before, you should.

PS. When my brother and I watched on Monday, he said to me "Kelsey, you are way too into this TV show" as I was doing karate kicks during the commercial break because I was so excited about what was happening.

Its normal.

I checked.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Okay I just uploaded tons of pics!! Please look below at all of them. I'm just going to give you my life in a nutshell real quick. Acey is HUGE. Shes over 14 lbs, 24 in, and she'll be 5 months next week. HOLY CRAP! Where has the time gone? I'm teaching dance a couple of nights a week, and Beau is doing adwords for Google. WE'RE TRYING TO FIND A HOUSE TO RENT IN MESA, so if you know anyone looking for a tenant, please let me know asap!! Well, thats about it, hopefully i will be taking more pics of Acey soon, and I'll try to fit some other people in the pics as well. :)

Baby Owen! So Cute!!

Owen Daniel Campbell born 7/29/2010
to proud parents Kisha and Dan
Such a good baby boy, and I mean come on... so freaking cute!!

I already forgot how little they are when they are first born.

Mary (my cousin from WI) came to visit 9/3

Play Time with Lincoln!! 8/21

Bath Time!! 8/14

Haha, LOVE this face!!

What grandma butt? haha sooo chubby!!

Cherries :) 8/9

Random Pics

Another of Nanny's creations... she rocks

Cute Jumper made by Nanny (my mom)

New outfit/New blanket made by Calli 7/16

Swimming 7/13

She was not happy when I took her hat off to take pics of her in the cutest swimsuit known to man! (8 weeks old)

Genitan Violet & Thrush 7/12

These are really cute pics ;). Acey HATED this medicine, but it got rid of her thrush better than any RX's the docs gave me. Poor Purple Lips!!! (8 weeks old)