Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update/Acey's blessing

Hi Folks! I have so many pictures to upload, so here a small few of them:
Me and Acey at my moms chillin

This is what I found when I came in the room after a nap... awww

These next photos are of Acey's blessing.
My family and Beau's family came all the way out to our ward to come to Acey's blessing.
At 9 AM
She slept through the whole thing, not even a peep from her.
She was a doll.
Acey was 6 weeks when we blessed her.
June 6th
This is the BEAUTIFUL blessing gown my mom made for Acey.
Ya, its ridiculously gorgeous, I know!

She was so good during the blessing, she slept right through it!!
This is the only picture she smiled in after the blessing,
but at least I got one with her smiling :) Rogers Family
(Lauren, Koltn, Tatum, Klete, Wyatt, Lincoln, Dan, Me, Acey, Kisha, Beau, John, Bobbi)
Smith Family
(Blaize, Alannah, Me, Colton, Acey, Beau, Tamea, Steve, Nicole, Austan)
Awe... Dads and their kids :)

...More posts to follow shortly (hopefully)...