Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I got PUPPIES!!! Just like I wanted!! These are pics
of the first one Koda. 6 weeks old.

They are Lab/Hound. Koda was very sad to leave her family....

So We dicieded to go back and get her sister....
this is Tilly!!!

This is them at 9 weeks... they are already getting big.

Awww.... aren't they the cutest!!!


Koltn was a little nervous to hold lil Linkers....

But then he got a lil more comfortable (but notice his face out of spit up range)

Aww cute!!! The Campbell Crew!!!

Mr. Grumpy Gills didn't want his picture taken

wedding pics

This is Beau and I walking out of the temple as a married couple!!!!

This is us in full wedding attire in the 110 degree weather... not to mention my new hubby had a 103 degree temp. (poor guy)

And Also those are our flowers...
isn't it amazing I found TEAL FLOWERS :)