Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SoOo cUtE

okay i hope Tatum doesn't get mad, but I stole a pic from her blog because I can't stop thinking about this. My nephew (Her Son) Wyatt is soooo cute!!!! Big HUGE blue blue blue eyes and a smile that is contageous!! The other Sunday we were sitting at the dinner table and she mentioned that Wyatt looks a little like Jack Jack from the Incredibles... I LOVE IT!!!
So lets compare.... What do you think? Do they look like twins or what???

I love it!!!!! Hes so cute!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update Time Folks

Sorry, its been awhile since the last post. A bunch of stuff has happened since the last post. Right now I am 23 weeks so bout 1/2 way thru my pregnancy. The week before Christmas we found out that we are going to be having a GIRL!!! Sorry to all those ppl I lied to an told them I didn't know - The only person I told was Kisha (she had a secret of her own) because I was going to surprise our parents for Christmas with some girl baby clothes... here is my mom opening her xmas present...

And the secret Kisha had is.... She is pregnant too!!!!!! Right now she is about 13 weeks along and she was doing the same kinda thing for my mom for Xmas... here are a couple of her present.

(the shirt says " I may be small but SOON i'll be a BIG Brother"

So Xmas was fun for us to share that with our families.

Since then I have become a little crafty... I know ME... Crafty... Who woulda thought!! Beau's grandma (who is a seamstress) moved and wanted to get rid of TONS (literally) of fabric. I willingly took some. So I asked my mom if she'd help me sew some dresses - i needed her help because all I have ever sewn is a pillow in 7th grade Home Ec. haha- So here are the first two dresses I have made so far. This was about 3 weeks ago.

And I hate to post it cuz I'm a whale, and this was me like 2 weeks ago, so I've grown larger since then, but i'll do it anyways.... (take note- will not wear horizontal stripes anytime soon)