Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes, I am a professional blogger.. Thank you Leah!!

I have been nominated by the wonderful Leah Wakefield for the Beautiful Blogger award. After i was nominated I thought to myself "Its about freakin time!!!" Just kidding I didn't. I think maybe she couldn't think of anyone else to nominate. haha. But Thank you! AND I hope you are all prepared to hear fascinating things about me... (not).

I'm sure you have heard the rules... I have to share 7 facts about myself and give the award to 7 others.

1. I am a negative person. I know thats not a good fact, but at least its a fact. This really bugs Beau, he is a problem solver so he always is looking for solutions and finding ways to fix things. He is always able to look for positive things. Meanwhile, I am always thinking about the worst possible scenario. And I stress myself out doing that. I am trying to fix it... but its hard to fix an instinct I've had for 22 years. Oh well... work in progress :)

2. I LOVE peanut butter. I love pb so much. Especially now that I'm pregnant... it gives me a reason I NEED to eat it (HELLO...PROTEIN, cuz most meats gross me out lately... I just tell myself that to make me feel better) I love PB on freshly toasted wheat bread, bananas, apples, in shakes, on a spoon or my finger-right out of the jar, in cookies/on cookies, with honey, with strawberry jelly, I could go on and on.

3. I really like shopping. When I watch/read Confessions of a Shopaholic I completely feel like the book/movie was made by someone secretly watching me. Okay so I don't go to like Gucci or Barney's or anything (and I'm not in debt), but like ROSS, MARSHALS, TARGET, F21... they are bad news for me. Here's why... A. You can ALWAYS finds something you like there. B. If you only buy 1 thing its always (almost) less than 20 bucks. C. You always find more than one thing you want so you can rationalize only buying one of the 2, or 3 , or 4. OK... enough of that.

4. Everyone put something they are afraid of, so I'll jump on the bandwagon. I am really afraid of the dark... Like even when I have to get up to pee in the middle of the night and my husband is sleeping in bed... the walk from the bathroom to the bed is the worst (scenario - IF there IS someone in my house, now they know WHERE I am and that I'm awake and could be waiting for me around the corner) See what i told you about being negative... Yikes

5. I HATE BAD BREATH!!! Yikes. It is one of my pet peeves. If I have ever had bad breath around anyone of you reading this please let me take this time to say. "I am very sorry". Bad breath is freaking gross and if you ever had it around me I would let you know, cuz I would want the same done for me. Eww. Yuck!

6. I am very excited to be a mom. I'm pretty scared at the same time, but watching the news and TV shows lately, all I can think of is that I know I'm going to be a better mom than some of these crazy people who don't even appreciate their children. Don't get me wrong, I know I won't be the best mom, but I'm going to try to be.

7. I enjoy reading and some TV shows. I really like reading classic literature. Ya know, Jane Austen, the Bronte Sisters, that kinda stuff. Of course Good Ol Steph Meyer, Libba Bray. Wow all those are girls, just some of the top of my head. As far as TV goes, Its HOUSE (I Love Hugh), Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Heroes. I'm SO not a reality show fan (MINUS SYTYCD), they are just silly to me.

Well Folks, that's it for my interesting facts.... I give the award to...

Mom -

Kisha Campbell-

Tatum Rogers -

Calli Overstreet-

Shalene Barainca-

Lara Broadbent-

Stacey Hoyt-