Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gunner is here :)

Hello to the people that read my blog. I highly doubt that there are many of you, especially after over a year of neglect! Never the less... I am here. :) Here is the story of Gunner's birth.

PS... There are pictures below :)

At my Dr. on August 24th, my Dr. set my appointment at the hospital to be induced for Monday, August 29th at 9PM. I was excited!! The 29th came, and at about 7PM when we were taking Acey over to my mother-in-laws the hospital called. "We are going to have to push your appointment time back a little" they said. Turns out the hospital was super swamped with people having babies. They said that it would not be tonight, but they would call me the next morning. I didn't wait and called back at 8AM, still no open rooms. Called back at noon. Nothing. Waited till shift change at 7. Nada. Next day... still nothing but crushed hopes to meet Gunner. The next day I went to the Dr appt I thought I wouldn't need cuz I would be in the hospital having my baby and she stripped my membrane (ps... you guys were right, it freaking hurts!) The hospital said they were hopeful to get me in after lunch time (after we called them like 4 times...geez, I bet they hated me). Finally I got a call at about 4 PM and they said to come down now and they will get me in... " Don't wait, because we might have someone else take your bed". I said... " We are on our way!!"

After getting in and settled it was 7 or 8PM. They started me on Pitocin. It didn't really speed up my contractions very quickly. I thought we were going to have the same problem as I did with Acey (labor for 36 hrs, pushed for 4 hrs). Nurse Leslie came in several hrs later and took my pitocin down to 1/2 to restart. Still not a whole lot of action. I could talk thru my contractions they were still about 4 minutes apart. Finally the on call Dr Tutt came in to check my progress and broke my water (8AM). I had only gone from 2CM dialated to 4CM. I guess thats all I needed, cuz almost immediately my contractions were a minute apart and it was hard to breathe thru them. An hour later I was at 5CM. The CRNA had some trouble administering the epidural, but finally got it... the pain meds kicked in and I felt a lot better (10 AM - 7 CM dialated). About another hour later and I was at 9CM. Started to feel the need to push around 1215 PM, after pushing for 30 minutes Gunner turned and was ready to come out!!! The nurse called for the Dr, and asked me to wait for him. YA. FREAKING. RIGHT. I couldn't wait. My awesome nurse Donna delivered Gunner at about 1 PM. Then the Dr came running in wearing his street clothes. haha.

He was so handsome!! They brought him right to me and let me hold him. He looks so different than Acey did, accept his noes. He has tons of blonde hair.

Gunner Rue Smith - 7 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long.

me and Beau <3

before my water broke

Daddy's Feet

super long toes

Awesome Nurse Donna

Daddy holding his baby boy

first bath

SOOO much hair!!

cutest mohawk ever!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going to church....

I thought this outfit was blog worthy :)

Acey turned 6 months on the 22nd. Shes so old, and rolling around like steam roller, sitting up, eating her toes. Gotta love her!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ever had one of these days... ??

Because I just did.

Hopefully tomorrows better.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess Who's BAAAaaack...

Seriously Obsessesed.

I'm NOT ashamed.

House, Cuddy, Wilson, Chase, Hadley (13), Foreman, and Taub

They are all my great friends @ 7pm Monday nights.

Did I tell you I am obsessed with House?

If I hadn't, I'm telling you now.

I was having some serious withdrawls (not from vicodin, haha) without my House eposides to watch. After that cliff hanger from last season I was seriously dieing.

In all seriousness, I heart Hugh Laurie.

He rox my sox.

If you haven't watched before, you should.

PS. When my brother and I watched on Monday, he said to me "Kelsey, you are way too into this TV show" as I was doing karate kicks during the commercial break because I was so excited about what was happening.

Its normal.

I checked.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Okay I just uploaded tons of pics!! Please look below at all of them. I'm just going to give you my life in a nutshell real quick. Acey is HUGE. Shes over 14 lbs, 24 in, and she'll be 5 months next week. HOLY CRAP! Where has the time gone? I'm teaching dance a couple of nights a week, and Beau is doing adwords for Google. WE'RE TRYING TO FIND A HOUSE TO RENT IN MESA, so if you know anyone looking for a tenant, please let me know asap!! Well, thats about it, hopefully i will be taking more pics of Acey soon, and I'll try to fit some other people in the pics as well. :)

Baby Owen! So Cute!!

Owen Daniel Campbell born 7/29/2010
to proud parents Kisha and Dan
Such a good baby boy, and I mean come on... so freaking cute!!

I already forgot how little they are when they are first born.

Mary (my cousin from WI) came to visit 9/3