Sunday, December 28, 2008

Its been a while

Well hello fellow bloggers. I know, I know, I haven't updated anything for a couple months now. SORRY!!! Well lets see here, where shall I start?

I am working at B of A now. I've been working there since September.

I cut my hair... I'll have to upload a pic of that.

I just got done with my brother-in-law's wedding. It was at the Marshal Rose Garden in Scottsdale. It was really nice minus the fact that is was like 40 degrees outside.

Koda, one of my puppies recently went into heat. NOT FUN!! Needless to say, next thing on our list is to get them both fixed ASAP. Cleaning that mess up was no fun.

My sis in law, Tatum, is prego!! Congrats to her and Klete!!

We had our family Christmas party. We went bowling and it was a blast!!!! Beau and I went to his fam X-mas party and we had a lil white elephant exchange.

Beau got a Corvette from his boss. And since he already has a work car, I'm driving it. Beau would be mad at me for saying this, but its not new or old enough to really be cool. Its a '95. But its cooler than my old car cuz its fast. So we will be selling my Mirage. If anyone wants a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage let me know. Its in pretty stinking good condition.

Umm.... I never posted anything about Twilight, and I am going to have to restrain myself to a short little diddy or else I will go on all day and night. LOVED the movie!!!! Love Rob! Love Kristen! Love Cathrine Hardwick! Love Taylor! Love Ashley! Love Nikki! Love Kellan! Love Peter! Did i mention I love Rob (have you seen his new hair *sigh*)? And Finally... LOVE STEPHANIE MEYER! (PS I swear on my life I saw her driving the other day! And I almost crashed my car). Anyway- I loved the movie and I'm nervous for #2, I'm not sure how Chris is going to do... but maybe he will be a little better on the effects (AKA the sparkle effect...yikes)... I'm still real excited, but yet I am depressed that it won't be out till the end of next year *tear*...OK I'll stop now.

That pretty much brings me up to date.... If I left anything out, I will post another. And I will post some pics shortly...