Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dogs... (sigh)

Umm... I had never had dogs before in my whole life, my parents wouldn't let me have any when I was growing up. My dad had always said "No dogs, they are messy, and I'll be the one cleaning up after them".
I just about had it the other day with Tilly and Koda.
They didn't really do anything bad, but it was raining - I didn't know or else they would have been inside - they decided to run all over the carpet, covered in mud AGAIN. I was upstairs painting, so Beau cleaned it up for me. (whata sweetheart)
So he locked the dogs in their crate, I finished painting, and went to lay in bed and read, I was super tired for some reason, Beau comes in and said... "I hope you weren't attached to these..." and hands me my sunglasses.
Before I tell you my reaction, let me tell you about my sunglasses...
They were cheap, like 6 bucks, but they were like perfect sunglasses! They fit my face, didn't leave marks on my nose, and that was the first day I got them.
So when he gave me the glasses, the ear pieces were bitten off and the lenses were destroyed... I threw the remains of my glasses against the wall and let out a big "UGH!!!!" rolled over and sulked for a bit.
I know, I over reacted, they were cheap...but here is a list of what my dogs have destroyed: 4 pairs of my shoes, ipod earphones, Christmas decorations, 3 computer cords, cell phone chargers, potty-ed all over the floor, covered my carpet in mud multiple times, one of beau's flip flops, a couple hats, 1 xbox controller, belts, chairs, buckets, water bowls, brooms, books, cups, and they have been chewing on the air conditioner cord(which is kinda stupid, cuz they electrocute themselves, and throw up) and we had to re insulate it a couple times.
I was just fed up. Don't get me wrong, I love my pups! They are sweet, and hilarious to play with.
I just needed to vent, PS- if you are thinking about getting a dog... don't do it. HAHA
22!!! Love ya!
So Lincoln, my nephew-10 months, is freaking cute...He is walking now!! He gives kisses, hugs, high fives, and waves bye bye! I just love him!! OK I was going to upload some pics of him, but my mom's computer is kinda being slow and stupid, so I'll have to do that later!

Started painting again...

So since I don't have a job my husband thought I should be doing something (AKA ANYTHING BUT READ TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE, OR BREAKING DAWN) so I decided I'd paint some rooms in my house. Apparently, he meant "Paint my game room". haha. Just kidding, he just is better at making decisions than I am. So I started painting his room, and I was trying to think of what colors I should use in my front room. I need some help... My family room is green, black, and white, would it look funny if the front room has none of those colors in it? or should I use like green in the front room as an accent color?? Opinions??? Please??

OBSESSIVE... Just a bit Ü

Alright, I know everyone is tired of listening to me talk about anything that involves a book that Stephanie Meyers wrote, but I gotta, so if you don't wanna hear it... skip this blog.

So I went to Barnes and Noble to get Breaking Dawn August 2nd, just like all the other crazy ppl. I waited till they called the color and letter of my ticket, and got my book shortly after midnight. I can't help but tell you... I WAS FREAKING EXCITED!!! I had been waiting only a month for the book, but I was ecstatic!! So I started reading it after I got home. I read till about 4:30 AM -1/2 finished with the book- cuz I needed to get some sleep! I couldn't really sleep that well (I don't know if it was cuz of worrying about what happened next in the book, the Diet Coke I was drinking while reading, sleeping on my in-law's couch, or my serious issue with sleeping through the night) but I woke up at 8:00 AM. No one else was up so.... got right back to the book. I finished it that night! All I can say is....HECK FREAKING YA STEPHANIE MEYER IS THE BEST!! I loved every second of it... everyone needs to read this series ASAP!!!