Sunday, April 11, 2010

New (old) favs...

So the following things have always been on my "Yumm" list, but...lately they have been on my "I need them now" list... I think because its getting warmer and I really like cold stuff...
Frozen Grapes....
Fresh Strawberries...
Ice cubes (Is it normal to go thru 1 bag of ice in like 2 days)
Otter Pops - I could eat like the whole box in 1 day. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tiredness/ contractions

Remember how I couldn't sleep? I forgot to mention I was having contractions last night when I woke up at 3:10 AM. "Great I'm not ready for this." i thought. Well i finally fell asleep at 7:15 AM and then woke up after 9... yet again having contractions. They've slowed since I woke up. I've had only 3 since i woke up and its now 12:07. Called my doc, she said "It sounds like false labor, and they seem to be slowing down (I guess that's good). If they persist I'd like you to go down to labor and delivery to make sure you are not going into labor." My brain said "AHHHHHHH!!!! Scary!!!" Told Beau and he says "Relax, try not to stress, maybe take a nap, we don't want to have the baby today." So... currently I'm waiting to see if another will come...
Has anyone else had this happen to them??
I'll be waiting for some responses.
Truly Yours - Very Nervous Pregnant Lady

Can't Sleep

You might want to know its 4:02 AM and I have been up since 3:10 AM because I can't sleep. I tried laying in different positions - no help, getting up to pee - didn't help, getting a little snack to ease my hunger - now im not hungry but still wide awake, going downstairs to sleep on the couch - i thought it might be a lil more comfortable...i was wrong, trying to read - usually that will put me to sleep if i'm tired when i start reading. I had a fever/cough the past 2 days...and i've been coughing all night, so I took some tylenol to make sure i don't have a fever. But here I am, wide awake and not even close to being tired. Lovely. So I thought I'd catch up on my blogging.
I had another ultra sound yesterday. Last week my doc said the baby had a big growth spurt and she wanted to make sure everything was growing properly and maybe double check my due date. Turns out... its definately a girl! AND... the tech says my due date is May 13th instead of May 23rd, thats 10 days sooner!!! And my little girl is weighing in at about 5 lbs 10 oz!! Yikes!! And the thought of being a mother in like 5 weeks blows my mind and pretty much freaks me right out!
This one is of her face straight on, you can see her eyes and nose and mouth.
This one is her profile.
Another profile. See her chubby cheeks.
This one is a diaper view... see a girl. :)
I finished my crib bedding today. And here are some pics of it. For those of you who voted... I picked #3 i think. My mom is disappointed with it cuz we put cute pink toole at the bottom, and the railing cuts it off... but it will show in a couple months when I have to lower the crib bed down.
I have tons to do in the baby room, and i just realized if the ultrasound tech was right about my due date, then I have to really hustle. {cuz when your pregnant and working a full time job, you don't want to do anything when you get home - so things tend to take a little longer to get finished. :) Or maybe thats just me being lazy}