Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beau took me to San Francisco for my birthday!!!
It was a blast! We stayed at the cutest hotel, (super duper
small....) very very cute!

This is us at Pier 39... If you look close that is
Alcatraz behind us... its looks ity bity!

We ate at the famous Boudin bread factory...
The yummiest sourdough bread in the whole world!

This is a cute little street we passed while we
were walking around... I love the houses there!

These tulips are everywhere on the pier!!!

Beau is acting like one of the crabs on Finding Nemo!
Check out the guy in the bottom corner... He's sweet!

We went to the Wax Museum... this is Steve Erwin
karate chopping a lion... uh oh Steve... look out for
Rambo.... CRIKEY!!!!!

Thanks for the super fun trip for my Birthday!!!
Love you Beau!!!