Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When we went up to Snowflake for Shawnda & Nate's Open House, we decided to go take a look at the temple.
As we were driving up to the hill with the temple on the top, we saw this house... Okay... this MANSION!!!!!! You can see the temple in the backround, and if you click on the picture, you can see actually how HUGE this house was, in the driveway (the gated part on the right) you can see a big 4door truck, compared to the house... wow.... just wow. So Beau and I decided we want to move to Snowflake and build a huge house like this!!!!!!

Look at the frozen waterfall....

awww.... whatta cute guy!!!

Shawnda's wedding

As you can see... she looked beautiful!! (if you can't pick me out, I'm the midget in the middle...)
Nate and Shaw getting ready to leave for their honeymoon....

Nate and Shaw openeing their gifts in snowflake....

Beau fell alseep, apparently he thinks it boring to watch ppl open presents...
(don't mind the x2 chin on my face. HAH)


We are going to the Caribbean!!!!! Hooray! We are going on a cruise this saturday! I'm so excited. We were supposed to go for our honeymoon (Beau had a 103 temprature, so we didn't go), then we were supposed to go for our 1st anniversary, but that didn't happen.But we are going finally!! YAY!!!!! minus the fact that my skin is so white you can see throught it like scotch tape, its going to be great!!!!