Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess Who's BAAAaaack...

Seriously Obsessesed.

I'm NOT ashamed.

House, Cuddy, Wilson, Chase, Hadley (13), Foreman, and Taub

They are all my great friends @ 7pm Monday nights.

Did I tell you I am obsessed with House?

If I hadn't, I'm telling you now.

I was having some serious withdrawls (not from vicodin, haha) without my House eposides to watch. After that cliff hanger from last season I was seriously dieing.

In all seriousness, I heart Hugh Laurie.

He rox my sox.

If you haven't watched before, you should.

PS. When my brother and I watched on Monday, he said to me "Kelsey, you are way too into this TV show" as I was doing karate kicks during the commercial break because I was so excited about what was happening.

Its normal.

I checked.


Bobbi said...

question is... where did you check? HA! ♥ you

Jim and Shalene said...

Kelsey, it's completely normal. I am obsessed as well. I keep telling JIm I wish HOUSE was real. The entire team, not just House. Even though I have such a crush and many wild fantasies about House too. But I really want to get sick so I can have the team figure out whats wrong with me. I know, I'm super weird and realize it's just a TV show, but oh how I wish it was real. I'm stealing some of your pics and posting on my blog too.

meg said...

i concur. i can't stop kicking either. :)